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We create delicious memories for exquisite tastes

Here at Manifest Tea, we are dedicated to fostering successful manifestation through the great, intentionally blended teas and herbs. We specialize in premium loose-leaf tea blends that please the palate and satisfy the senses and well as free the mind and amplify your intentions. We work with only the finest ingredients, many of which are Fair Trade and / or Certified Organic, and we never use artificial flavors or preservatives. 


We have formulated custom blends to supply our customers to surprise and delight our customers with unique, flavorful blends, and are constantly expanding our collection to include more pure teas for the tea connoisseurs looking for something special. We are always on the lookout for the next great intentional tea to add to our offerings, so check back often for additions!


Soothing and Succulent 

Carefully blended for specific intentions and attractions.

Additions Each Month

We love creating new blends for our customers!

Herbal Baths

Alluring with Aroma

Soothing, relaxing and intentionally amazing, with heavenly aromas.

Make To Order 

Creating personalized recipes is our thing!


Timeless & Tantilizing

Beautiful and powerful, designed with purpose and pride. 

Healing Help

Tintures are the product of our love for healing.

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